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Why My UAE Visa Rejected


United Arab Emirate has a big economy and is regarded as the best place to work. Every year, hundreds of people from across the globe come to UAE to find the right job. Some people get approval while some get recjeced from MOL (Ministry of Labour). There are so many reasons and causes of Why my UAE Visa Rejected. In this post, we will try to discuss some common reasons for your help.

1. Young Girl

If you are girl beloe the age of 22 years. your visa application may be rejected from MOL. Please keep in mind that this does not apply if you are travelling with your parents or is being sponsored by your husband.

2. If your passport is hand written, then MOL will reject your application automatically. This is particular the case with Bangladesh and Pakistani passports.

3. If your passport specifically mention you as an unskilled labour, then this is the most common reason of Why my UAE Visa rejected.

4. If you have been involved with criminal activity, fraud or misconduct.

5. If you have obtained work permit or visa previously that was not cancelled in the past by your employer. As a remedy, you need to contact PRO of the previous company to cancel out your old work permit and visa.

6. Clerical Mistake is the most common reason of Why my UAE Visa rejected. Writing wrong names, spelling mistakes, wrong passport number are the examples.

7. Passport photographs are blurring, then your visa might be get rejected.

8. If your name, DOB or photo resembles with other applicants, your visa application might be delayed or rejected.

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