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There’s A Good Time Coming Summary & Central Idea English Notes 10th Class


There’s A Good Time Coming Summary & Central Idea English Notes 10th Class

Chapter # 24 is the important textbook topic in X class. Students of matric class can take support this notes to prepare for the exam.


This rhyme is written by an Scottish poet Charles Mackay. This rhyme exhibits the strong assurity of the poet, being positive as well as spiritual that there as soon as will certainly day when everybody will certainly enjoy the fundamental civil liberties. The good time will certainly dominate. The whole globe despite area. Damaging tools which are made use of to confirm the reality will be replaced by the excellent thoughts. The power of pen will certainly go beyond the power of sward i.e. the power will certainly be used in favorable spin.
The individuals will be appreciated on the virtue of their worth. Moral values like benefit, benefits will hold the ground in that time.
It would be such an excellent time that no body will certainly applaud the battles to secure the product comb. Due to the fact that of unfairness as well as injustice, the individuals will disgust the war.
Ultimately the poet has tied the hopes with mankind that by working together we can revolutionize the entire world and can bring the suitable future more detailed.

Central Idea

The Central Idea of this poem is that an age is ahead with there will be no battle due to the fact that there will be an extreme change in the outlook of countries as well as individuals. The poet Charles Mackay is confident that in future nations will consent to code of nationwide practices humankind will certainly emerge from the dark nights of battles and damages and also hail down of a brand-new far better period of peace and prosperity.

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