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The Minstrel Child Summary & Central Idea 10th Class English Notes Karachi Board BSEK


The Minstrel Child Summary & Central Idea 10th Class English Notes Karachi Board BSEK

Chapter 20 The Minstrel Child is a good poem and is the centre of focus for many examiners of x class. Matric class students are advised to learn these questions answers thoroughly to gain better marks in the Karachi board BSEK annual examinations.


The rhyme “The Minstrel Child” has been composed by a renowned Irish poet Thomas Moore. He has expressed his patriotic sensations in this poem.
The poem remains in the praise of a minstrel boy. He was a great vocalist who utilized to sing songs on the moment of his harp in the peacetime. Yet when the war time began his nation, he signed up with the army of trip for his nation. Actually he was continuing the tradition of his fore dads i.e. to combat for their nation.
He fought bravely, with his sward and also compromised his life for the security of his mother country. When he was near to fatality, he tore off all his belonging because he desired the enemy to understand that people like him would never enable him to touch their cherished homeland.
He says that the adversary might defeat the minstrel young boy literally however they could not conquer his spirits. The minstrel boy’s harp was damaged by the minstrel child himself because it was implied to sing in peace not in slavery.

Central Idea

Brave and also patriotic individuals defend their homeland. Such individuals despise slavery. They favor to pass away to keep their flexibility than to reside in enslavement.

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