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The Minstrel Boy Question Answers 10th Class English Notes Karachi Board BSEK


The Minstrel Boy Question Answers 10th Class English Notes Karachi Board BSEK

It is Chapter number 20 in the English textbook. X Class students can take support from these free study resources to prepare for their annual matric exams held throughout the Karachi city for Karachi Board BSEK.

Q. 1 Just what do you know about Thomas Moore?

Ans. Thomas Moore was a passionate Irish poet. In the imitation of his close friend Lord Byron, he created poem on an oriental motif called “Lalla Rookh”. He has expressed his patriotic sensations in this poem.


Q. 2 Why did he ruin his harp?

Ans. Before the minstrel kid was dead he destroyed his harp because he desired the enemy to realize that every youngster of his country would not permit them to touch their homeland with unclean hands. Additionally his harp was suggested to play in peace and also if the harp had survived it would certainly have chained into the environment of slavery. The extreme restriction of patriotism is displayed by the activity of minstrel child.

Q. 3 For which the poet was the words warrior poet as well as pleased spirit?

Ans. Thomas Moore has paid a tribute to the minstrel child by alloting him the bites of “warrior bard” and the “happy soul”. Thomas Moore has made use of these words to display the spirit of chamisism in the minstrel kid. He was a fantastic as well as brave fighter and also took pride in fighting for his homeland.

Q. 4 Exactly what does Thomas Moore mean when he claims as “believed all the globe betray thee”?

Ans. Thomas Moore has actually aimed to share a message by these words to his nation that if you’ve obtained 3 things, despite the entire world transforms versus you, you are not to scared of it. Dedicated and loyal buddies, a cherished mother country as well as power to secure the benefit.

Q. 5 For which were the songs of the harp made?

Ans. The songs sung on the tune of harp were the marks of peace and also accomplished detention versus slavery. these tracks were made to please the patriots of minstrel young boy’s country. Only consistently and Dedicated friends and the guys that were obtained liberty of their homeland can hear these songs.

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