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The Khyber Pass Question Answers 10th Class English Notes Karachi Board BSEK


The Khyber Pass Question Answers 10th Class English Notes Karachi Board BSEK

Khyber Pass is a historical place in KPK. In chapter 19 of X class English textbook, you will find a lot of information. Matric class student of BSEK Karachi board, here are the question answers which you can use to gain very good marks in the exams.

Q. 1 Just what is the Khyber Pass? How much time it is? Where do we go with the Pass?

Ans. Khyber Pass is one of the most popular pass which is a slim mountain valley. It has to do with fifty kilometres long. From Khyber Pass we could go most likely to Afghanistan and on the various other side is the renowned city of Peshawar.

Q. 2 When did Aryans cross it and also the number of times did Mahmood Ghaznavi cross it and why?

Ans. Aryans went across virtually 4 thousand years ago the Khyber Pass to go into Pakistan. Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi crossed the Khyber Pass seventimes. He crossed this passage in order to get into the sub-continent.

Q. 3 What is the affordable importance of Khyber Pass? Or Why it had been a well-known profession in background?

The affordable significance of Khyber Pass is that it is used a trading course in between the various areas. The vital goods which are moved with this pass right into different areas consist of mirrors, fruits, hairs as well as skins.

Q. 4 Exactly what did the camel campers bring? By what have the camels campers been changed?

Ans. The camel caravans lugged mirrors, hairs, skins, fruits, seasonings, silk, carpeting etc to various components of the region. The camels campers have actually currently been changed by trains, trucks as well as lorries which are one of the most sophisticated as well as fastest methods of transportation.

Q. 5 Who resides in the hills of the Khyber Pass?

Ans. The brave tribal people as well as Pathans stay in the hills of the Khyber Pass, who combated with the mighty British Realm for century and also protected their freedom. They are battle like people amongst which maintaining smoke alarm is a common feature. After signing up with Pakistan they are currently the protectors of North-Western frontier of Pakistan.

Q. 6 Why Landi Kotal is the renowned location along the Pass?

Ans. Landi Kotal is the renowned location along the Pass since it is the highest area regarding thirty km away from Jamrod Inspect article along the pass. It is additionally a market area where a lot of individuals enjoy eating Tikkas and also Chapli Kabab. Landi Kotal is an attractive place where the roadway goes down winding through stunning views.

Q. 7 Exactly what is the historic importance of Khyber Pass?

Ans. The historical relevance of Khyber Pass can not be neglected due to the fact that many Muslim conquerors like Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi, Shahabuddin Ghouri, Babur and also Ahmed Shah Abdli made their method with this Pass. Primarily this pass had actually been utilized in the history for assaulting nd overcoming South Asia.

Q. 8 Describe briefly the course from Peshawar to Khyber Pass.

The route for reaching Khyber Pass starts from the main city of Peshawar. The road after that runs is a haphazard fashion to Landi Kotal, 30 kilometres away from Jamrod Check Article and also ultimately after a trip of ten kilometres is the frontier post between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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