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Suzuki Mehran 2017 Price in Pakistan



Car has become the necessary item for most of the people. In the past, it was counted as a luxury item but time has changed and this resulted in the auto industry changing as well. As you know everyone has limited funds into his hand and in order to satisfy the demand, he or she has to utilize the funds in the best possible way. Rich people can afford millions of cars but for a low income earning person, the car price should be in the low level of the industry. That is why; the concept was coined few decades earlier in the Pakistan auto sector with the launch of Suzuki Mehran car. This car in tiny, cheap, runs fast and best of all, it does not put a load over your pocket. That is why, it is also called cheap man car in the country. If you are reading this article, you will be interested in knowing Suzuki Mehran 2017 Price in Pakistan.

Suzuki mehran is a product of Suzuki motors in Pakistan under the umbrella of its subsidiary Pak Suzuki Motors. This Pakistani car depends upon the technology of rebadged second generation technology of CA/CC 71 which got fame in 1984 in various European and Japanese markets. But, it was discontinued in these markets. After that, it took the direction of the Asian countries especially India and Pakistan. In Pak, the car has revolutionized the life of the low income earning population as they can take the joy of car driving even in a very limited income level.


This car made its first appearance in 1989 and within a very short span of time, its demand increased a lot and so many middle and low class people run to buy this vehicle. This car was introduced in many colors such as white, blue and green etc. For so many years, the company has not made any change in the design and engine technology. The most liked color of this car in White which is equally popular in both the genders. Also, it is very helpful in parking the car in any area of Karachi. Parking is the main issue in big cities of Pakistan and that is why; this car can be parked even in a very short place without any fear of being stolen. You know, thieves steal the parts of only high priced autos such as Corolla and Honda. Thieves do not touch this cheap spare part vehicle such as Suzuki Mehran 2017.


Till 2012, there has been seen no major improvement since 1989. But In 2013, a major update was seen in this vehicle when EURO II was installed in the car which was a positive move keeping in view the lagging emission standard of Pakistan. This technology was also improved the AC performance which was a big negative point in the eyes of many customers around the country. Suzuki Mehran was often criticized due to its poor performance AC in the hot seasons of summer. But after the EURO II technology arrived in this car, this fault has gone away. Now, you can enjoy powerful chill AC even in a humid weather without any tension of engine heating up and fear of gas kit blown away in Mehran 2017 Low Price Pakistani version.


Mehran 2017 uses Efi Euro II engine 800 cc with three cylinders and it can pace up to 140 Km/h. This four stroke cycle powered engine car has been protected from heating by the cool water technology. The mileage is awesome as we have checked the performance on the highway and within the city. It gives 17 Km/litre and 13 Km/litre on the highway and within the city respectively. So, for the fuel side, it is the most economical vehicle and there is no other car that can beat this over the parameter of fuel economy. In order to keep your engine performance super, you need to use high quality oil. Never compromised the oil quality and go for oils such as Total Quartz and Caltex Havoline as both of them give extra ordinary performance and keep your engine in a very good condition. These oils do not cost you more than the others and will cost you the same as others but offers better performance and engine stabilization without incurring an additional cost.


The one thing which many people complain is that it is based on manual transmission. Automatic system is actually very popular among people especially the ladies. As the traffic jam is a very common thing in Pakistan, the driver gets tired a lot while continuously putting his or her feet over the clutch. Suzuki Mehran 2017 model in Pakistan was expecting this feature but it could not happen.


The steering is not a power steering which is assumed to be the best when driving the car. But in such a low price, this is not a very much needed component in making the buying decision. Also the brake system is not based on ABS system where the Suzuki should concentrate.

Suzuki Mehran 2017 Price in Pakistan

VX Euro II 2017  Price = PKR 625,000/-

The CNG version is expensive and may cost you an additional PKR 50,000/- If you are going to buy this car over installment from a bank, then there are many banks offering this facility. According to my research, Islamic banks such as Bank Islami and Dubai Islamic bank offers the most competitive rates in the industry. So no look further and choose one of the banks as I mentioned. The Islamic banks provide cars on the basis of Musharaka cum Ijara model which was the reason behind low profit making and cheap price.


In the last year, we have seen some changes in the look of the head lights and colored bumpers. Apart from this, there has been no significant change in the look of the car since it was first launched in 1989 in Pakistan. But the Suzuki Mehran 2017 Price in Pakistan was remained the same.

Parts Price

The car parts often come quite expensive. That is why; people with low income level avoid car ownership and prefer to travel over the bikes. But due to increased traffic on the roads, the accident ratio is increasing day by day. That is why, people are buying Mehran car to travel. This cost the same as the bike fuel and best of all, the parts are very cheap and can be found in almost every area. So, you do not need to go Plaza market, just go to the local markets such as shops adjusted with mechanic shop. Another best place to purchase the spare parts is to visit Star gate Karachi. Here you will find many shops selling this car parts at the same rate as that of Plaza market for Mehran 2017 model.

Other issues

Here, I want to let you know the fraud going on in the Plaza market. Here makrani (black skin color) people install tiny items in your vehicle without your permission and ask thousand of money in return. If you reject their request, they start to misbehave and give threats as well. So, as a suggestion do not go alone in the Plaza market and try to avoid going there. Instead, shop from Star gate market. Believe me you will save money as you have to face several issues in Plaza market such as traffic jam, parking issue and the threats from the black people. Here I am in no sense making black skin people name bad here, just helping innocent people understand the current situation of the market issues.

We hope that you have liked our article over Suzuki Mehran 2017 Price in Pakistan.

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