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Sacroiliac Joint Pain Treatment


The back bone of human is very critical and that is why pain in part thereof could cause severe pain. In order to perform your daily routine work, you have to make efforts on your bones and tissues so that they remain pain less and strong. Unfortunately there are various types of issues exist which cause severe pain in the lower back side. Sacroiliac is actually a rectangle shaped structure which is composed of sacrum and the iliac. Sacrum exists in the center while left and right iliac provide support to it. Sacroiliac joint connects the vertebrae with the pelvis and is therefore is very important to be in fitness so that it could bear the overall weight of the upper portion of the body. In this article, we will cover Sacroiliac joint pain treatment in detail.

Sacroiliac joint actually moves very little and is therefore are very less prone to get damaged in contrast to other portions of the body. Extreme Sacroiliac pain generates from the back and goes towards to the back of the leg and the knee and in certain cases this pain radiates to the ankle and foot.

Sacroiliac joint pain treatment

There are various types of treatment exist, some of them are:

Physiotherapy – Various doctors suggest physiotherapy treatment to heel the pain and in most cases it helps a lot. The usage of heat and ultra violet rays are very effective in treating the causes of Sacroiliac.

Oral medicines – Often people are recommended to take oral medicines for Sacroiliac joint pain. In this category, NSAIDs is very effective drug with awesome results. However, doctor has to replace this more other drugs if this is not working and giving results.

Creams – You can use different types of creams such as analgesic which you can apply just above the pelvic area. However, this is a very low success rate of these sorts of cream for Sacroiliac joint pain.

Ice – You may use ice cubes over the affected area. This is found to be very effective in several patients. Initially ice cubes are used and later some analgesic creams are applied over the affected area. Some people use heating after that, but care should be taken. As many analgesic creams are forbidden not to be used after heating. This may damage the skin and creates rashes all over the affected part of the skin.

Injections – These are considered to be the last option when drugs and other sorts of therapies are not giving results. But the real challenge is that the effect of injections remains only for a short period of time and after that you have to take another injection. Often doctors take support from injections when the patient is in severe pain and the uses of injections are justified alongwith the usage of medicines and drugs.

Sacroiliac join pain treatment should be taken with the consultation of expert physiotherapist and doctors and any side effects should be taken into account carefully.

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