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Room Cooler Prices 2017 in Pakistan


Room Cooler Prices 2017 in Pakistan

The dry and hot summer season is touching its full peak in various parts of the Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The augment in heat has also given rise in the prices of these
electronic appliances such as Room cooloers or evaporative coolers. Now-a-days, the tempertaure is going above 40 degree celcius and in such a hot weather, it is difficult to live without an air cooling appliance such as air cooler or Split AC.
The prices of the split AC is very high and the electric it conumes is not reachable in the income of an average person. So, in this case, the only choice left is the Room Coolers or Evaporative coolers.

Another plus point with room cooler appliances is that it can be run on UPS. This is good news for people of Pakistan as the load shedding is increasing day by day. There are two types of air coolers available in the market. One type is made up plastic body while the other is made using metal and are called Lahori Coolers or traditional dessert air-coolers.
Plastic body coolers are in great demand because of low noise while at the same time are electric shock resistor.

Room Coolor 2017 Prices in Pakistan

The prices of the Lahori one is around PKR 4,000/- to 8,000/- while the prices of Plastic body’s coolers are in the range of 6,000/- to 15,000 depending upon the size of the fan and body. The most popular coolers are from Orient, Super Asia, Wahid Industries, Dawlance and Pak Fan.

Boss Air Cooler KE ECM 6000 Price 12,000/- Rupees
Orient Room Air Cooler 660 Plus Price 11,700/- Rupees
Geepas Air Cooler GAC 9444 In White & Red Price 17,000/- Rupees
Orient Room Air Cooler Tower Plus In Blue Price 11,700/- Rupees
Geepas Air Cooler GAC 9442 In White & Grey Price 17,000/- Rupees
Orient Room Air Cooler Tower Plus Price 11,200/- Rupees
Pak FanPK 5000 Price 14,500/- Rupees
Pak Fan PK 4500 Price 11,500/- Rupees
Pak Fan Pk 4000(Single Blower) Price 11,000/- Rupees

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