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Oxford University Press English 8 Answers Solution & Notes


Oxford University Press English 8 Answers Solution & Notes

Here is the answers, solution and keybook of OUP English 8 for the students. We are continuously adding fresh content to make education for the future of our nation. You can use these notes to achieve best marks in the exams and get a top position. Only condition is that you prepare well for the exam.

Unit 1 Great Inventions

Q1. How did the people in the town know that the circus has arrived?

Answer: The circus master has asked the children to run around in the town, shouting out that the circus had arrived. In that way, the people of town knew the arrival of circus.

Q2. Where did the people of the town think that sun swallow was going on a kite?

Answer: The people thought that sun swallow was going to meet their ancestors on the kite.

Q3. What was making the strange noise which the people on the ground could here?

Ans: The bamboo howlers that were attached to the kite were making the strange noise that the people on the ground could here.

Q4. What did the people think was making the strange noise that they could hear?

Ans: They thought that the spirits of their ancestors are making these noise.

Q5: Why did their mood change when the same voice announced “we have an impact” ?

Ans: Their mood had changed because their capsule smashed into the ground and their mission had failed.

Q6. What learn can NASA learn from this catastrophic failure?

Ans: NASA can learn that no amount of Hollywood glamour can save a risky mission from reality.

Q7. Why did Daedalus become increasingly jealous of his nephew?

Ans: Deadalus became increasingly jealous of his nephew because his nephew had become more skillful and talented than him.

Q8. How was Deadalus able to push his nephew over the edge without arousing his suspicion?

Answer: He invited him to the temple top under the false pretense of sigh-seeing.

Q9. What was the labyrinth?


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