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Notes Keybook New Oxford Modern English Book 8


Notes Keybook/ Solution New Oxford Modern English Book 8

The 8th class students need oxford notes/ solution to get strong grip over the English subject. In an effort to help them, we are sharing key for them.

Unit 1 I stood tiptoe upon A little hill

Suggested Answer

1. the poet was standing tip toe due to the fact that he was quite eager to view all sights of nature all around him.

2. By dew, poet refers to the one which appears in the morning.

3. In this poem, clouds are compared with flock of sheep. Because both of them are very identical.

4. A little noiseless noise. it creates by the creeping among the leaves. By this, the poet is expressing his feeling that is happening inside his soul, mind or soul.

5. the poet tells that there are many thing to view and even for keenest observer.

6. the horizon is clearly visible to the poet because its brim size has narrowed down. As a result, he is able to see what otherwise he was not able to see.

7. the poet was feeling ligh hearted as much as light. He described this via resembles with fanning wings of Mercury.

8. the poet started to plug a bunch of flowers/ posy right away.

C Learning about language – Adjective phrases 
a. The balloon ___________ burst loudly.(with the yellow stripes)
b. Those hills ____________ form the ……. the two countries. (in the distance)
c. We …. visit the man _______. (with the large garden)
d. She …… the woman ___________, yesterday.(in the green dress)
e. The love __________ is very strong.(between mother and child)
f. The artist’s painting __________ was sold for a vast sum.(of the sea and the hills).

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