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Notes/ Keybook New Oxford Modern English Book 1 Nicholas Horsburgh


Notes/ Keybook New Oxford Modern English Book 1 Nicholas Horsburgh

It is one of the best successful teaching book used by teachers all over the world. The overall purpose of this book is to increase reading comprehension, oral activities, improving writing skills and to enhance word power via usage of various vocabulary. This book is good for For Pre-Primary and Classes 1 to 8.

Unit 1 Mrs Shahid

1. Talk about ……..teacher.

a. She is happy most of the time. She is happy because it is Shab-e-Barat and she is going to visit her sister. She is happy when she gets a ride in a taxi and a rickshaw.

b. Mrs Shahid is going to her sister’s house in Saddar.

c. She is going there to spend Shab-e-Barat with her sister.

d. She starts off in a bus: it has a puncture. She then travels in a taxi and it runs out of petrol. Finally she takes a rickshaw and arrives at her sister’s house safely

2. Tick the correct sentences. Copy the correct sentences into your notebook.

b. It is Shab-e-Barat.

d. Mrs Shahid is going to see her sister.

f. The rickshaw takes Mrs Shahid to her sister’s house.

C Learning about language The indefinite articles ‘a’ and ‘an’.

a basket  running  a shoe  a kite  standing  an axe  a snake  angry  a window  slow  shut  a flower  a stone  crying  a house a mango an elephant  a woman a head a floor a table

B Vowel sounds

bag: bat, man, ant egg: hen, net, bed bin: dig, clip, pin pot: cot, shop, log gun: bun, jug, sun

Unit 2 My Cat

2. Circle the correct answer.

a. The dog’s name is Flash. (1. Flesh and 2. Flush are also important! Look at the phonic practice you can do here.)

b. The dog’s hair is black (but it also has some white on it. Fur is the same as hair. The term fur refers to the body hair of non-human animals. The fur of animals is also referred to as a ‘coat’).

c. The mark on her head is white.

d. Flash plays all day.

e. Flash can dance (and she is clever, so she probably sings or howls too)!

C Pussy cat

Complete the sentences using in, on, under, or near.

a. The cat is in the box. b. The cat is under the chair. c. The cat is near the box. d. The cat is on the chair.

Unit 3 Outside and Inside

Suggestions and answers

1. Answer the following questions.

a. A (or The) man is mending the car.

b. A (or The) boy is near the bookshop.

c. Zarina is cooking (lunch).

d. The baby cries. (The baby starts crying.)

e. The bird gets in(to) the bowl of water. It wants a bath. It wants to have fun. It is thirsty.

2. Fill in the blanks.

a. baby

b. shining

c. carrying

d. cooking

e. bird

3. Write answers.

a. five plates

b. four cups

c. three pots

d. two spoons

e. six oranges

B Large numbers

1. Write the correct number under the pictures.

sixteen (kites),

eighteen (boxes),

seventeen (balls),

thirteen (pencils),

eleven (bottles),

twelve (buttons),

twenty (bananas),

nineteen (caps),

fifteen (cats),

fourteen (lamps)

3. Fill in the blanks.

Use pictures on pages 13, 14, and 15.

a. There are thirteen pencils and nineteen caps.

b. There are eighteen boxes and sixteen kites.

c. There are fourteen lamps and twelve buttons.


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