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​NOTES/ KEY BOOK NEW OXFORD SOCIAL STUDIES FOR PAKISTAN NICHOLAS HORSBURGH LEVEL 6   2015 is available  for students of class 6. These are best study guides for teachers as well teaching oxford social studies. Nicholas Horsburgh is the author of the book written on Pakistan.

Chapter # 01 Worksheet

a) Most of the Islamic countries are in located in:
– the Middle East,
-Southern Asia, and
-Northern Africa.
The home of Islam is in KSA – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it spread outwards from here. Its progress was halted:

Unfortunately, there are no Islamic states or ountries in

-the America subcontinent,

-Europe subcontinent, and

–Australia subcontinent.

Desserts in Pakistan

A majority of the area of Pakistan has desserts. The desserts are found in

– the east and south-east,

– the centre, and in the west.

Cold deserts are also found in the high mountains of the north region.

Most Populous Province in Pakistan

Punjab is the most populous province in Pakistan. I is also the most fertile land.

It has a very extensive system of canals which supply water to crop various pulses, vegetables and fruit, which is the main occupation of the people.


1. Pakistan’s location is strategic because it is like a hinge or link that connects Western and Central Asia to South and South-east Asia.

2.Ten countries of the Islamic Block

UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain

3.Countries with their locations from Pakistan.

Afghanistan—North-west; China—North-east; India—East; Iran—West


a) pass b) plateau c) young d) Khunjerab, Karakoram e) Khyber f) 2000 to 3000

5. The areas of South Asian countries in descending order, from the biggest to smallest.

India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives


a) highest b) sharp c) estuary d) plains e) desert f) land g) flowing h) delta i) polar

Chapter # 2 Weather & Climate


Rainfall is important in deciding the climate of a place as;

Less rainfall can influence a land to dry and more rain influences the temperature of that place.

1. Crops and plants are also cultivated keeping in view the temperature of a place

—rice, bananas, pineapples grown in hot countries, and wheat, maize, and barley in cooler ones. But in the absence of water, either natural precipitation or irrigation, nothing will grow at all.

2. Some crops need a lotof water water than others — rice and sugar cane need large amount of water. On the other hand, grass barley and oats need less amount of water.

Rainfall in Cherrapunji

The rainfall in Cherrapunji was around 23 metres. This was sufficient enough to go over the tops of some buildings in the area.

Factors that might affect climate

1.LOCATION; Normally, location on the lee side of high ground, i.e. in the rain shadow;

2.URBAN/RURAL AREAS; Urban areas which include towns & cities have higher temperature (1–3 degrees above) with respect to to rural areas such as villages which have wide and open spaces and more vegetation;

3.SIZE OF A PLACE; As a matter of fact. a small island has a totally different atmosphere/ climate as compared to a land mass.

Difference between Gilgit & Singapore

The temperature of Gilgit is much lower than the Singapore. That is why, this affects the life style such as clothing, home structure and the food they eat. As the temperature also affects the crops that are cultivated in the area, so due to temperature difference between Gilgit and Singapore also give rise to difference in foods.


Climate — average of the weather condition … whole year

The closer we are to the———————— equator

The closer we are to the———————— Altitude

Places near the sea are———— cooler, milder

Lahore is hotter than Karachi —- it is very far from the sea

When the air pressure is high the — fine

Ocean currents.

Currents are movements of water in the oceans.

Example to show that ocean currents affect climate.

The examples are:

The cold Humboldt Current – it fecthes low temperature to the west coast of South America region;
the warm Gulf Stream Current – conversely, it brings higher temperature to the east coast of North American region.

Driest place on Earth

Atacama Desert is in Chile which is located in the western coast of South America.

Cherrapunji & its speciality

Cherrapunji is located in Southeastern state Assam, India. In the year 1861, it had 22,990 mm (22.9 metres) rain which is a world record till date.

Winds blowing across a large area of sea

The reason of wind blowing across a large area of sea bring rainfall is that the North winds blow in from Arctic or colder regions.

Chapter # 03 Winds & Cyclone

Parts most affected by cyclones?

1. Bangladesh

2. Down to the western coast of India

3. Bay of Bengal and coastal areas around it

Cyclone seasons

Cyclones frequently comes in tropical season.

Cyclone hit South Asia

During the last 02 years, two cyclones have hit the South Asian region.

Complete paragraphs:

In an anticyclone, the air —– clockwise direction — the ground is high —

An anticyclone normally —- fine/warm/dry—

The winds in a — light —

The only part where — centre/ eye

Here the winds — calm.

Cyclones are dangerous — great damage

Other names for storms are hurricanes, typhoons, and tornadoes.

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