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NOME 3 has 20 units or chapters.This book is a part of OUP new modern English.Students & teachers can take help from the book without any risk.

A. Comprehension
a. All the frogs which were there, were the friends of No Brain.
b. In order to combat the fishermen tactics to catch them, frogs and fish
did the meeting.
c. The fishermen came on the pond to check whether is there any fish inside or not.
d. No Brain hid just beneath the tree to escape from the eyes of fishermen.
e. For Greatest Brain, the pond is the ideal place to live. That is why, he prefered to stay there.
f. When the fishermen threw net in the pond, fish and frogs were caught.
a. true b. false c. true
d. false e. true f. false


a. Four seasons:
b. Robin sings in the summer with all his might.
c. According to Robin, in the season of Autumn, there are fruits for every person and as a result, we should give praise for these beautiful gifts.
d. we can hear Robin’s song in the wintery weather.
e. As Robin sings entire year, we can say that he is a happy bird.
F. Which describe Robin?
c.hopeful, because he is aware that spring season will be back again though winter season seems to be long and cold.


a. the family lived in Germany in a small town.
b. Kurt: He was an old age man who lived alongwith his daughter-in-law and son.
c. As Manfred was a carpenter, he used his art to made furniture and to do some carving work.
Then, he sold these products to the people of the town.
d. Thekla was the wife of Manfred. Apart from this, she was Wilhelm’s mother of daughter of Kurt.
e. Due to old age, Kurt’s hand used to shake.
f. Thekla and Manfred was angry over the old man Kurt. To punish him,
they forced him to sit in the corner and to eat from a wooden bowl.
g. Wilhelm was developing the wooden bowl for their parents to be used in their old age.
h. Thekla and Manfred eyes filled with tears because of their unfair behaviour
with the oldman.

UNIT # 4 Brother Bent-Nose

A. The speaker is a young boy and with respect to his age, his elder brother is much older. That is why he described him as ancient.

b. In the poem, the brother was compared with a hawk owl and a palm. He has a nose that resembles with Romanesque.

c. The brother is: Answer is choice iii. much bigger.

d. Mango tree is a very tall tree and both of them was inside this tree and playing over it by moving from one branch to the other.

e. Both brother fell to the earth due to the broken branch of the mango tree.

f. The branch was completely torn and bent altogether forever.

g. In the poem, the word Hooter was used in place of the nose. As the brother was given resemblance with the owl due to his wiseness. So the use of nose in the poem would not look good. Instead, the word of hooter was used.

g. As both the brothers fell down from the mango tree, they decided to stay away from the tree. They let this task suitable for apes and chimpanzees.

Noun, verb & Adjectives

The verbs, noun & adjectives for each numbered word in the paragraph are as follows:

1. adjective 2. verb 3. adjective 4. noun
5. verb 6. noun 7. verb 8. adjective

Unit # 5 Abid Goes Camping

A. Comprehension

a. Uncle Asghar was involved in taking the boys camp. They visited a place near a fort.

b. The fort that these boys visited were very old and has ditches all around it. The stones which were used in the fort were also broken from several places.

c. In the snake hole, they saw a piece of paper covering inside of the hole.

d. On the very next morning, uncle Asghar looked at the paper.

e. It is Salman who found the own.

f. The boy was cheerful because they have found a loose stone in the ditch.

g. Uncle Asghar took the support of the penknife to open the box.

h. Although, they could not find any stones, jewellry or goldinside the box. But the interesting thing was that the box contains some valuable papers.

i. The people who was inside the museum purchased the papers from these guys.

Unit #6 The Little Elf-man

a. At a very beautiful place where lilies blow, both the Elf-man and the kids met up.

b. the child was very curious to know the reason of littleness of elf.

c. Elf frowned the child and looked the child from many aspects to properly study him.

d. The reason for frowning was that for elf, it was a silly question. Though, for other, it is a very simple question.

e. The elf answer was quite logical. He said that his height is the correct in his specie and children height is right according to his specie. He used the word i am just big for me, as you are for you

Unit # 7 The Three Tortoies

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