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New Oxford Primary Science Level 5 Answers Nicholas Horsburgh


New Oxford Primary Science Level 5 Answers Nicholas Horsburgh

Science is a major subject in primary classes and is widely taught in various school throughout the world. Due to lack of study materials, it is very difficult to find notes or key notes for level 5. We are trying at this website to bring useful resources at no cost. Use these notes to gain better marks in the examinations.

Unit 1 Building units of the body

Cell  membrane: it is the surface that makes it possible to allow materials going inside and coming outside of the cell.

vacuole: it works like a storage device and stores water, food and wastage items/ materials.

nucleus: it is the center of the cell and performs the main function of controlling all the activities doing in the cell.

chloroplast: it is an absorbent and play a key role for the plant. It absorbs solar energy and helps the plant in making the food from it.

cytoplasm: it is a jelly like material which allows all the organelles to float in it.

Exercise on Pages 5 to 6 Answer


1. D  2. E  3. C  4. B  5. A
B  1. a cell 2. organelles 3. cell membrane 4. cellulose 5. a tissue 6. red blood cell


  1. amoeba is a single cell organism and is found mostly in wet soil and water.
  2. Just like bricks are the foundation of the house, cells are the foundation of the living things.
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