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New Oxford Primary Science Level 4 Notes by Nicholas Hosburgh


New Oxford Primary Science Level 4 Notes by Nicholas Hosburgh is available here free of cost in order to help the students get prepared for the final exams. These notes are the best guide for class work as well. The teachers who are busy in their work can take support from the notes and solutions as well. These answers are absolutely correct and tested by experts. This is the solution/ answer of Unit 1 Human Body.

A Answer 1.b 2.d 3.a 4.e 5.c
B Answer
1.tissue 2.vertebrate 3.a joint 4.a joint 5. a ligament
6.a hinged 7.a ball & socket 8.smooth 9.a tendon 10.musculoskeletal system
C. Functions of the Skeleton
it provides full support & strength to the human body.
it is the main tool which keeps the body in the proper shape.
it works like a protector for internal body organs such as brain, lungs and heart.
it aids greatly in moving from one place to the other.
It is the place where two or more than two bones meet with the help of ligament.
Types of joints
hinged joint: these are located in knees, toes, elbows and joints of fingers.
Ball & socket: these are types of bones which are found in the shoulder bone and hip bone.
3. Types of muscles:
Voluntary: these are the muscles which can be controlled such as skeletal muscles.
Involuntary: these cannot be controlled such as intestines, stomach and bladder.
4. Examples
smooth: intestine, bladder, stomach
cardiac: heart
skeletal: tendon, joint, ligament


Exercises Solutions
1.C 2.E 3.D 4.F
5.A 6.B
A. First Set of Teeth: Child’s first set of teeth are called milk teeth or baby teeth.
Teeth decay or enamel which is the outer layer of the teeth can damaged or destroyed if they are not brushed properly & regularly.
Molars which are also called back teeth are the main tools to grind foods.


1.D 2.C 3.A 4.B
1. wheat 2. bread 3. carbohydrate
4. sweets & fats 5. eggs
1. In order to gain energy, grow and maintain a healty body, we need to eat food.
2. By balanced diet, we mean including the right amount of various foods in our daily diet.
3. Proteins are very iomportant for our body. So, we should use foods that have sufficient amount of proteins.
Proteins help in the building up and repairing of tissues and muslces in our body. Popular sources of proteins
 are fish, eggs, chicken, beans, mutton & beef.
4. Fiber plays a key role in absorbing unnecessary water from our body. It provides a great support to our digestive system.
5. Carbohydrates are the best nutrition to gain quick energy into our body.
6. Even we are sleeping, still we need energy because our organs such as heart, lungs, stomach and brain
are functioning and playing their role.
Grain Sweets & fats Vegetables & fruits Meat Milk
rice sweets carrot eggs yogurt
chapatti cooking oil spinach fish milk shake
spaghetti cake tomato chicken lassi
Exercises Solutions
9. Food pyramid: is a systematic guide. Accoridng to this, not all foods are equal and provides us complete
guide as how much of each food we should eat to stay healthy.
10. In order to main healthy life, grain group should constitute a largest portion of our daily diet.
11. In order to provide proper quantity of materials to each cell, taking a sufficeint quantity of water is essentail.
Apart from this, proper and regular exercises are the key for healthy muslces, bones and good blood circulation.
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