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Making A Summary Question Answers English Notes 10th Class


Making A Summary Question Answers English Notes 10th Class

Chapter # 23 in X Class English book is about making the summary about a topic. Matric students can use the question answers below to prepare for the exams of Karachi Board. These will help them greatly in the annual papers of BSEK.


Q: Why do people use recaps?

Ans: A person has to read a lot these days. Just by vast analysis could an individual stay on par with the newest developments in his very own field of work and On the planet at huge. Considering that there is as well
much to read, individuals utilise summaries

Q: Just what is a good summary?

Ans: A good summary needs to have all the crucial points in an accurate type. It highlights the
theme of the issue. A summary IS normally made by creating one-third the length of the original topic or chapter.

Q: What is generalisation?

Ans: Generalisation indicates a basic word or expression for a long list of words. This is one of the most
peaches all can come under a general word fruit.

Q: What are the abilities for creating a summary?

Ans: There are five skills for making a summary. They consist of;
1 generalization
2 inclusion of primary points
3 one-word replacement
4 use of indirect speech
5 preventing information and personal opinions

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