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Karachi Board 9th Class Pakistan Studies Past Papers 2015


Karachi Board 9th Class Pakistan Studies Past Papers 2015 was actually a quality paper requiring through knowledge of the syllabus from the students. It is a good paper which most of the well prepared students attempted with great success.



Time: 30 minutes Max. Marks: 15
1. Choose the correct answer for each from

the given options:
The total length of the Himalayan range in km is:
o yin I 2500 I 8126 I 4600
In the 1973 constitution of Pakistan it is declared as the
official language:
0 Urdu I Sindhi I Balochi I Punjabi
The first Prime Minister of Pakistan was:
I Muhammad Ali Bogra I Khawaja Nazimuddin

I Quaid-e-Azam I Lia uat Ali Khan
The Permanent basis of Islam is:

o The Bible I The Zabur

e The Taurat I The Hol Quran
The total length of roads in Pakistan is:

0 259758 km – 259700 km

0 259600 km I 257500 km

The shrine of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi is in:

I Islamabad I Karachi I Lahore I Multan

The control of Muslim League was taken over by Quaid-
e-Azam in: o m I 1940 I 1934 I 1947
Pakistan is the Atomic Power of the world:

. 5m . It: . 8th .10“.

Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai was the famous poet of
this language:

I Sindhi I Balochi I Pushto I Saraiki

The war of Independence started in the year:

a 1950 AD I 1857 AD I 1980 AD I 1990A.D
General Yahya Khan abrogated the constitution of the
year: I 1956 I 1962 I 1973 I None of these
About…..% of Pakistan ‘3 energy needs are met out of
Natural gas: I 20 I 25 I E I 35

The curriculum development above Higher Secondary is
the responsibility of:

I Sindh Text Book Board

0 Higher Education Commission

I Inter Board Karachi I Matric Board Karachi

The second large profession in Pakistan is:

I Agriculture I Teaching I Trade I Industry
Quaid-e-Azam advised the Muslims to observe a Day of
Deliverance in the year: I w I 1940 I 1942 I 1943


Time: 2 ‘/2 Hours Max. Marks: 60

NOTE: Answer 12 questions from this Section.
Why peace in the world is necessary? Write in few
sentences. .

State three drawbacks of the educational sector of Pak.
What is the literacy rate in Pakistan? Write in few

Write a few sentences on cotton and sugar industries in

Write a few sentences on the Nuclear Energy in Pak.
Define: (i) Climate (ii) Environmental Pollution
(iii) Land Pollution.

Write any 3 salient features of the Objective Resolution.
Write any three main objectives of the Faraizi Movement.
What is the role of Ideology in building National
Character? Write three points.

‘What do you mean by 3’” June Plan? Write in few
sentences. ‘

Write name of three deserts of Pakistan.

Write down the three important National Goals of Pak.
Write any three characteristics of the population of Pak.
Write three sentences on Pakistan Resolution.

Write any three points from 14’h points of Quaid-e-Azam.


NOTE: Attempt 2 questions from this Section.
Describe the services of any one in the Muslin revivalist
movement of sub-continent.

(i) Movement of Shah Wali Ullah (ii) Aligarh Movement
Write in detail principles of democracy in Islam.

Write are the main components of the scheme of studies
of Secondary Level of Education? Explain.

Why are the sustained constructive efforts necessary in
Pakistan? Explain.

Describe the importance of Urdu as a National
Language. _

Write a detail note on any one of the following:

(i) Agricultural Problems of Pakistan.

(ii) Causes of the Fall of East Pakistan.

(iii) Two-Nation Theory (iv) Welfare state.

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