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Inheritors Summary 10th Class English Notes


Inheritors Summary 10th Class English Notes: Inheritors is a very interesting chapter in 10 Class. Student of X Class can use the summary given below to gain good marks in the exam.

Azam and Moazzam inherited an animal from their father which is a cow. Other than that, both of them got a date palm and a blanket from their father. Azam who was the elder brother was quite clever and greedy. He did cheating with his younger brother Moazzam bu using his clever and greedy nature.

He did some trick with his younger brother by making an agreement that he will have right over the rear part of the cow. This enables him to get all the milk of the cow. Moazzam was at total loss because he fed the cow but gained nothing.

Similarly, Azam acquired the right of the upper part of the tree which enabled him to enjoy all the dates. Though, Moazzam watered the tree, he was getting nothing in return.

Azam acquired the right to use blanket in night while Moazzam cannot use the blanket in day time due to hot weather. In short, Moazzam was at loss from every aspect due to injustice of his elder brother.

On the advice of the old man of the village, Moazzam got his right share from his elder brother.

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