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How to Write Songs Lyrics


This is the era of music and songs. Every drama, movies and shows are using songs and music in various forms. The importance of songs can be judged from the fact that every drama serial which is being telecasted has its title songs. And this is also quite visible that songs and music have crossed the borders of nations. Singers and lyrics composer are functioning outside their home/houses, land and getting praised all over the world. They are examples of Rihanna, Britney Spears, Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, A R Rahman, Himesh Reshammiya, Sameer (lyrics writer), Ashok Vishra etc. who are well known all over the music world due to their songs and lyrics.

The basic of every song is lyrics. Lyrics are a set of words that make up the songs. So, if you want to sing well, it is crucial that you learn to write song lyrics. A person who writes lyrics is called lyricist or lyrist.

How to Write Songs Lyrics

We have collected some good and easy tips, which you can follow to make your learning journey very easy. These are:

  1. Join Various Online Communities

There are various online communities available over internet which offers free support to those who want to learn lyrics. Here, mostly experts and professionals provide free help and support to build your basis in the field.

  1. Setup a Journal

Famous and most successful lyrist prefer to setup a journal to write lyrics. You may have a choice to also use it in the form of a note book. Make sure, you make separate portion for writing lyrics and for writing your goals. It is my personal experience that whenever I write down the ideas on a paper, I feel confident and I use it a lot of time even for other projects as a reference.

  1. Write Daily

The famous saying is practice makes perfection. The same rule applies here. The more and more practice you will do to write lyrics, the better you will be able to write songs lyrics. At least try to write one lyrics each day. Initially, you may get bored, but soon you will find that you are getting bored for not writing.

  1. Study Other People’s Lyrics

It is always suggested to analyze and study other famous and successful writer’s lyrics. Try to apply SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) approach. Identify in their lyrics, what are the strengths and compare with yours. What is the weakness in your lyrics and find opportunities to rectify it.

  1. Implement a Structure into Your Songs

Ill structured lyrics writing always put a very bad effect on writing. Unlike music, songs always need a proper structure because lyrics convey an idea. You can better understand the structure by studying your favorite songs. The structure of lyrics is as follows:


This part is very important as your listeners decide here whether they still want to hear your song. So as a lyrist you must ask/ query this from himself just before going to write a lyrics intro.

“Do you want to hear my story?


In old days, there used to be only one verse in a lyric. But now, it is all up to lyrics writer as how many verses he wants in a song.


This is the part of your lyrics where listeners start to judge the quality of your lyrics. Your chorus should be between 4-6 lines or bars. This is because your listeners will get bored if you make it a longer one. Chorus should sound different from your verses.


This is the lyrics part where you forces the listeners to remember the lyrics and music. Actually, it is a remembering tool that catches a listener’s mind. Keep your Hook as small as possible and try to repeat them at least 3 – 5 times.


Here you prepare your listeners to reflect on the outcome of your story. In lyrics, it is used to give a break. It may be used to introduce a different rhythmic & rhyming pattern. Your bridge should be around ¾ of the total lyrics.


Break in lyrics is used to let your audience rest their ears. Most of the time, if Break is not used wisely, listeners get bored. As a general rule, Break should be more than 1-2 lines. You may include as many Breaks as you want but do not over use it.


Usually is of 20 seconds, Outro is where you conclude your song and lyrics. You Outro should be lucrative one and exciting.

The above guide is not a standard rule to follow; you can combine any other technique that you may find suitable. In short, you should be able to achieve your overall goal which is Learn to Write Songs Lyrics.

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