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How to Treat Bed Bugs


how-to-treat-bed-bugsBed Bugs are very famous due to its anti-human nature. In Latin, they are called Cimex lectularius L and belong to the family of Cimicidae. Usually the Bed Bugs are flattened oval shaped insects and their size ranges from 1 mm to 7 mm. Their flattened shapes help them easily hide in unusual places such as behind floor cracks, baseboards, under carpets or behind loose wallpaper. Their only food is blood which it gets from human and animal’s bodies. But mostly, they are associated with human beings. After sucking blood from humans, they become larger and rounder than their normal size and their color changes to reddish. You will get surprised by that fact that a Bed Bug can survive up to a year without a meal under moderate temperature. Their most favorite places to live are furniture, sheets, mattress seams and behind baseboards. Female Bed Bugs gives around 200 to 500 eggs during her entire life which is often observed to be 300 days.
Humans bitten by a bed bug, feel an uncomfortable feeling on the skin and the skin turn into a reddish one. We have given advice in below lines for this problem under the heading How to Treat Bed Bugs Bites.
There is no link between cleanliness and the Bed Bugs and you can find them even in a room of 5 star hotels. They usually travel with you in your luggage. So where ever you go you are spreading them. So, no one can relate cleanliness and Bugs with each other.
How to Treat Bed Bugs
Although, Bed Bugs do not pose a serious health threat, their eradication is very necessary as in some cases their biting could lead to a serious skin infection. We can treat Bed Bugs with following methods:
• Hire a pest management firm to provide spray services in your houses and offices.
• Put your bed sheets, blankets, seats in extreme sun light or in a hot temperature room.
• Spray yourself in various hidden places of furniture, mattresses, and beds using kerosene oil.
• Often you will not find Bed Bugs in beds and furniture easily. In this case, you have to shake your beds and furniture with power. By this, Bugs will fall on the floor and then you can kill them.
• Use hot and boiled water and pour it on the hidden places of your furniture, cracks, beds and tables.
How to Treat Bed Bugs Bites
• Apply a lotion or cream on the affected skin area such as cortisone.
• Don’t rub your affected skin as it may make your skin more worst and may cause infection.
• In some severe situation, you have to consult dermatologist, who may recommend an antibiotic medicine. Please do not take medicine on your own, dermatologists are the experts of their field and no one can prescribe a remedy better than him/her.
• The use of Antihistamines may also be beneficial but use it only upon doctor’s recommendation.
As i have mentioned in previous lines that Bed Bugs do not pose a serious health threat, but it is a strong chance in near future that if efforts are not made in getting rid of them, it could serve as a flagship for disease.

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