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How To Do Things Question Answers Eanglish Class 10th Class BSEK Karachi Board


How To Do Things Question Answers English Class 10th Class

Question answers are always asked in X Class annual examinations and carry weighting of around 10 to 20 marks in Karachi board BSEK. Matric students can take support from these notes to improve their chances of obtaining good grades.

Q. 1 What video games were organised for the visitors?

Ans. To earn the party colourful as well as interesting, Shahnawaz likewise set up some games. These games include “Passing the Parcel”, “Prize Quest” and also “Music Chair”. These video games provided fun and also giggling to the guests.

Q. 2 When is a bicycle-rider a pleasure? When does this happiness vanish?

Bicycle ride is a pleasure when one is young, it is additionally a pleasant experience when you are riding a bike. This happiness suddenly vanishes when the cycle gets punctured.

Q. 3 What does the package for fixing the leak consist of?

Ans. When the tyre last its lightness, the package for mending the leak is required. The package consists of a wrench, a set of little scissors, a piece of a used or second hand cycle tube, sand paper, a colorful pencil and the sticking/ adhesive solution.

Q. 4 How is the “Parcel” prepared for the “Parcel Game”?

Ans.The parcel video game is to be very interesting and also amazing. A piece of Toffee is placed in a small container which was wrapped with several layers of coloured documents.

Q. 5 Just how is the game “Prize Quest” played?

Treasure search is an intriguing game. The visitor are to look for every where till all the prizes are located.

Q. 6 Describe the process of fixing a puncture?

We dip it in water as well as find out the puncture, mark it with the coloured pencil and completely dry it as well as massage it with sand paper as well as then apply sticking service and press it. The puncture has been healed.

Q. 7 Describe the process of healing a puncture in a service centre?

The function of fixing a puncture at a bicycle repair shop is different one. A kind of fifty percent solid rubber solution is applied to the puncture part of the tube.

Q. 8 Exactly what are the amusing aspects of parcel game?

Ans. The entertaining aspects of parcel game are the penalty offered throughout the video games These punishments are the blend of commands like “sing a tune”, “crow like a dick”, “bleat like a goat”, “bray like a donkey”. Everybody needs to obey the command that was up to it his lot.

Q. 9 How can a successful party be arranged?

Ans. A successful party can be organized with the following actions. An event ought to be well-planned and ornamental to bring in individuals. The menu setup and offering counts extremely chomp in a coourful party as well as there should be some home entertainment for the visitors.

Q. 10 Just how design is essential for preparing an event?

Ans. Design is the very best method to earn a party fascinating. , if the design is not appealing the party has no effect.. The party place need to be decorated in such a way that it might capture the interest of the visitors and add gorgeous colours to the party.

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