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Health is Wealth Question Answer 9 Class Adamjee


Health is Wealth Question Answer 9 Class Adamjee

Health is wealth is the chapter $ 11 in IX class English textbook. Here we will provide answers/solved exercise for this chapter. You will earn good marks with our notes.


Answer: Germs are the living things and are of very small size. They are so small that we cannot see them with naked eyes. In order to see them, we have to use the microscope. These germs cause a lot of diseases.


Answer: Flies and dust carry millions of germs with them which is extremely dangerous for the health. These germs enter into our body and cause various diseases. Some of the main diseases such as cholera typhoid are the consequences of these germs.


Answer: Flies sit on the dirty things which are the main source of germs. These flies carry these germs with their legs and when they sit on our foods and meals, these germs get dropped over our foods. As a result, when we eat these foods, we get ill.


Answer: Malaria is caused by the bite of a specific type of female mosquito. In order to fight against malaria, we need to take part as a group. Kerosene oil is mostly used in stagnant water because stagnant water is the breeding place for malaria mosquito.


Answer: Kashif’s mother refused to buy the sweet from the first shop because there were several flies sitting on the sweets. The reason for not buying from the second shop was that there was a lot of dust in the shop. Both flies and dust cause severe diseases because they are the major source of germs.


Answer: A healthy person can do any sort of work especially a hard work can only be done by the healthy person. You cannot expect an unhealthy person to perform tedious work. That is why it is the right saying that health is wealth.


Answer: In order to live a healthy life, we need to include healthy habits in our daily life. For this, we have to keep our surrounding clean and neat. One important thing is that we need to be very alert while eating outside as outside food shops and stalls are the main sources of germs due to dust and flies.

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