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Green Tea Beneficial for Weight Loss


green-tea-weight-loss-benefitsRefreshments are the name given to various drinks, juices and teas which are taken other than foods and meals. These are taken to fulfill the thirst and to increase energy in the body. It is in the use of human from a long period of time. Therefore it has become the perquisites of human lives. Tea is an important refreshment of today’s life. Every home and office has immense usage of tea in variety of forms and types. It accounts for a major portion of expenses in any home and offices. That is why; we see that in offices, restrictions are imposed not to drink more than three cups of tea in the whole day to minimize the refreshment expenses. In this post, we will specifically talk about green tea.Green tea is mostly used in Asian countries as a means of reducing weight and to avoid heart related diseases. In past, it has been used as a medicine all over the world. It has its origin from China and now it is being cultivated in various parts of the earth. This Tea has so many benefits than any other types of tea because they way it is processed and manufactured. It is far better than black tea and is used to treat various health related problems.
Green Tea Health Benefits
There are so many advantages of using this tea. Some of the very popular are as under:
Best for diabetic patient – This tea is best for diabetic patient. Doctors and nutritionist often suggest the drinking of this tea after lunch and dinner. This help a lot in keeping the sugar level in the blood and as a result very effective treatment for dealing many problems associated with high sugar level.
Best for Weight Loss – This tea has excessive amount of polyphenols which is very good for reducing the weight and melt the extra fat inside your body. It increases the rate of metabolism in the body.
Best for Heart – According to a research conducted, this tea has very good impact over the lining of blood vessels in the heart. It also melts down the clots development process which often leads to heart attacks. Heart patients are strongly suggested to take green tea in their diet plan to protect against further heart attacks.
Best for Cancer – It is best for killing the cancer cells in the body. It does so without giving any damage to the tissue all around these cells. That is why this is very safe in use and is widely used among cancer effected patients.
Best for Cholesterol – Blood cholesterol is very dangerous for your health especially for heart patients and keep the blood pressure level under control. High blood pressure which is common due to high blood cholesterol level can be cured using green tea.
Green tea is nature gift to us which we can sue to defeat various dangerous diseases. It is not necessary that we use it when we stuck with any type of disease, If you are feeling health, you still may use it on a daily basis.

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