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Foods to Burn Fat and Lose Weight


Health is wealth and there is nothing in the world which is better than good health. If you are healthy, you can do everything. But if your health is not good, it is damn sure that you will not be able to perform task and duties. You need to give especial attention to your health and for this; you need to take a proper diet. Without proper diet and exercises, no one should expect a loss in the weight. So, this article is all about weight loss and burning fat from your body in a systematic and smart ways. Not just that we will identify foods to burn fat and lose weight in the article as well.

Fat is the most dangerous thing in your body. If you are not consuming the fat properly, actually you are piling up this in the body. Fat accumulates in the body and block the nerves which may cause the heart attack as well. Human body is like an adaptable machine, it will shape up in a way in which you make it. So, it is your turn how to drive the machine and get the result either way. If you are serious about your health, you need to give sufficient time for yourself because you need to give some precious time to yourself out of your body life. You have to include foods to burn fat and lose weight in a systematic way.

In order to be fit and healthy, you need to activate the fat burning machine in your body. Most of the people believe that it is hard to do process but believe me, if you stick to the plan and follow rules and regulation, you will get surprising results. You need to show a high level of patience while following the proper schedule and diet. Also keep in mind that it is not a few day plan or schedule that you follow and get the result. You need to follow it throughout your life to keep yourself healthy and fit. This can only be done via proper foods to burn fat and lose weight in conjunction with regular workouts.

In order to start your fat burning machine, you need to follow these simple to follow tips:

Smart Diet

You believe it or not, the only major thing which you can use to make your body slim and smart is the diet. You need to be very choosy about your diet in order to fully activate your fat burning machine. It accounts for a major percentage of reducing or trimming your body extra fat.

One point you must keep in mind that you should be too much aggressive in your diet plan, as it is going to damage your body in the long run. Initially, you will see very good results but later your metabolism system works on the wrong side and you will start to earn weight again. So, be wise and be realistic.

Foods to burn fat and lose weight

These foods include Oatmeal, Almonds and other nuts, protein powders which are low in fat, Olive oil, Berries, Eggs, Beans, Fish, Lean Meats, Whole Grains, Green Vegetables, Peanut Butter & Avocados etc.

Take Support from Water

Apart from this, you should intake sufficient amount of water on a daily basis. Water helps a lot in reducing the extra body from your body. I have seen people drinking slightly warm water to better activate their fat burning machine. Warm water melts down the extra fat from your body and keeps your tummy slim and smart. According to the latest German study, if you drink 17 ounces of water within a certain time frame, you are creating the chance of increasing the metabolism rate by up to 30 %. This is an awesome shoot in the rate which is seen rarely in any other techniques. Nutritionist suggests that you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water on a daily basis to gain maximum fat burning advantages. According to them, water is an integral part in foods to burn fat and lose weight.

Eat Less but Frequently

This tip seems quite amazing but this is the great tip as it enhances the metabolism rate a lot. You should eat little but often because this activates your metabolism system and thereby helps a lot in fat burning process.

Stay Away from Processed Foods

It is advised not to use processed foods and meals as it is the main source of fat and obesity. Instead, use natural sources of meals and foods to burn fat and lose weight in your daily routine. The common examples of processed foods are tinned vegetables, cheese, bread, bacon, drinks, savoury snacks and breakfast cereals.

Fat – Not Always Bad

There is a misconception among people that fat is bad for your health. To some extent, it is right but on the other hand, we should be aware of the fact that you should intake some portion of healthy fat into your diet. Good fat helps a lot in absorbing the key minerals and vitamins from the meal. So, it is the main tool for the growth in your body. By healthy fat, we mean unsaturated fat which is the best thing for your body in order to activate the fat burning machine. You can get sufficient amount of unsaturated fats from natural sources such as olives, avocado, fish, fish oil and nuts. These things contain omega-3s fatty acid. So, include unsaturated foods to burn fat and lose weight.

Cardiovascular Exercises

It is imperative that you take support from cardiovascular exercises. This helps a lot in burning saturated fat from your body and keeping your heart healthy and well working. But as a matter of fact, I have seen people doing hours of continuous exercises to burn calories and fat. The point to note here is that excessive use of anything is dangerous from so many aspects. Instead of doing continuous exercise spanning hours, you may take support from just taking a jogging for 30 to45 minutes on a daily basis. Do it on empty stomach and don’t take a break even for a single day. However, in extreme circumstances you may leave the jogging for some days, but do not prolong this discontinuation. If you are reluctant to do jogging, then you may take support from trade mill. Trade mill can be manual and automatic. You can set the speed of the machine according to your stamina. You are advised that do not do walking at trade mill at a very high speed because this will augment your heart beat and may create other heart related issues. One point worth mentioning is that you do exercise in a room where there is no air condition is working and the fan is off. Use the towel to wipe out sweating from your body. This actually helps a lot in burning your fat quickly.

Take Support from Supplements

Once you have setup diet and exercise programs into your daily life, it is the time to augment the fat burning machine inside your body. Here comes the role of supplements into play. Usually, supplements contain sufficient amount of protein which pace up the process of fat and calorie burning process. The best time to use these types of supplements is after the workout exercises. You need to be very careful while selecting the appropriate type of supplements, must read their ingredient’s ration while buying. Select one which has lower amount of fat indicated and always go for the best brand in the market. This is because, what is written over the box is always inside the supplement.

Small Steps Always Work

Always keep in your mind that in order to reduce fat, reduce the amount of calories in your diet gradually. If you do sudden reduction in calories, you will go into the starvation mode and ultimately you will find yourself in hot waters. Weight training session can also helps a lot in burning the fat and calories from your body.

Green Tea Usage

Green tea is the best source for reducing your body fat. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who use green tea three times a day, see a 4 % sharp rise in the metabolism rate. Content wise, it has excessive amount of polyphenols which is the main thing for increased metabolism rate.

Foods that burn fat and increase metabolism

Iron is an important tool to reduce the bad fat from your body. If you do not take sufficient amount of iron on a daily basis, your body will not be able to provide enough amount of oxygen to your body cell. By this, the metabolism system in your body gets affected and it slows down which ultimately contribute to slow fat burning process. In your diet, make sure you include chicken, soy nuts and lean red meat so that iron is available in the body to accelerate the oxygen generation process. Such iron rich foods include apple, spinach and beans.

Thyroid Check

Thyroid gland is an important butterfly shaped like organ which is found in the neck. The average size of thyroid gland is around 2 inches. It is responsible for issuing or releasing hormones which is regulates the metabolism. In simple words, it controls the process of how our body uses energy. Actually, thyroid gland uses the iodine from the meals of food that we eat to produce two types of hormones, T4 and T3. T4 and T3 are also called Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine. In order to do the things in balance, it is important that both of these hormones remain in balance. Neither of two should be high or low, otherwise metabolism system will not work in a positive manner and you will face numerous health related issues including obesity.

Stay Away from Alcohol

Though seems quite difficult for most of the people, but the health lies in the strict path. It is always good to stay away from the alcohol and alcoholic products as much as possible. Actually, alcohol slows down the metabolism system in your body and voila you will face fat building up in your body. This has been confirmed under a British study which concluded when alcohol was combined with high calories and high fat foods/meals, very less fat burns and instead it piles up in the body. So, in fact it destroys your body fat burning process immensely.

Low Fat Dairies

As mentioned in above lines, fat is always not a bad thing. Similar is the case with dairy products. If you consume low fat dairy products on a regular basis, you will see some surprised results and your body will burn enough amounts of fat and calories. People, who use low fat dairy products three to four times in a day, lose 70 % more fat than people who do not use low fat dairy products. Actually, dairy products contain calcium which helps a lot in fat burning. In essence, it works like a switch which tells the body to burn the extra fat from your body and keep you healthy and fit.

Start Bicycle Ride

As we know that doing the walking on a regular basis augments the fat burning process. But if you add bicycle ride to your life, then this enhances the calorie and fat burning ratio. Not only your tummy fat burns quickly, your leg and thighs muscles get stronger and you can continue your walking and jogging easily. If you travel a lot, then my advice is to do maximum traveling either by walking or by ridding over the bicycle. This will serve double function. At one end, you will be finishing your work, while on the other hand you will be burning the fat quickly and easily.

Stay Cool

According to a recent study conducted at University of California San Francisco, stress contributes to much health related issues. One of them is abdominal fat. Under stress, hormone cortisol activates the appetite and slows down your metabolism system. This is turn piles up fat inside your abdomen and you look fat. As a tool to fight against the stress, you need to take support from Yoga exercises such as Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa, Anusara, Jivamuskti and Prenatal yoga etc.


Human health is the most precious thing which should not be compromised at any cost. In this article Foods to burn fat and lose weight, we explain various tips and exercises for weight loss. Not just that, we highlight the advantages of unsaturated fats and low fat dairy products to speed up the process of fat burning. In short, it is the metabolism system which needs to be activated to augment the process of weight loss. Simply, we can say that fat burning machine of the body is directly related to the metabolism system which is the backbone for getting a slim, lean and smart body.

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