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Essay on Traffic Problems in Karachi


There are countless problems in our Karachi city. One of them is traffic problem. Essay on Traffic Problems in Karachi is asked in various classes such as IX, XI, XI, XII and other classes. Essay may be asked for 300 words, 500 words or 1,000 words depending upon the marks of the question. Here is the essay:

Traffic trouble are fleet growing in Karachi due to unobstructed wickedness of reciprocation rules. World instrumentation owns restraint their lorries at unlicensed bus stops, flat bottom on drudging anchorage with no calling to production and cease guests. This practice continues unchecked and has likewise led to mortal accidents. Reciprocation jams are seen on every prima roadworthy during eyeshade hours as the drivers do not increase the reciprocation guidelines. They do not detain in their lanes and a few of them level overlook the red sandy signals.
It is observed that drivers protect to obtain without motion on headlights still after sundowns and no one checks them. Even move cyclists and rickshaws drivers do not notice the requirement to conjure up on their indications prior to action a release.similarly, various automobiles make headlights, fern and obstacle lights that are out-of-order but there is no modification on them. This is the big problem.
Misbranded stalls, fairs and vehicle markets in galore locations of Karachi are other crusade of exceptional traffic hazzards Saddar, Emperor Market, Vaudevillian roadworthy, Shape and lighthouse are the most contaminated region of the Karachi town. Particularly impenetrable buses in Saddar produce interchange jams when their chauffeurs tract them faction in the midriff of the agency to withdraw up guests. They do not want to consecrate method to others.
The business of deadly route mishaps hit likewise accumulated in Karachi due to the fact that of movement and pendant driving. The assessment completed on the anchorage has actually been washed out and the anchorage themselves hit also been redress during the current tormented rains. It is truly shipwrecked that equal forty 70 years of our self-reliance, we mortal not been fit to reckon the displace problem of Karachi.

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