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Essay on a Picnic Party


Essay on a Picnic Party

Essays are asked many times in the exams of 6, 7 and 8th class. That is why, we are sharing this essay for you to gain maximum marks in the exam. You may use this essay for topics free of cost in the examination hall.  

There are several places in Pakistan where one can go to enjoy the picnic. But, the greenery attracts me a lot. That is why, after discussion with my family members, we decided to do a picnic in the famous Lahore Jinnah Garden. This place is also known as Lawrence Garden.

We left the house at 11:00 AM and within 30 minutes, we were in the garden, The natural beauty was awesome as flowers of different colors were dancing which is making the environment extra ordinary lush.

The weather was cloudy on that day and that is why, the air was little bit cold which was another reason to enjoy the picnic party in a memorable way. We played the cricket as well and make two team. One team was led by my elder brother and the second was being led by my cousin. We played 10 overs match and fortunately, we won the match on the last ball of the match by hitting a four.

We enjoyed eating various meals such as Biryani, Bar B.Q and drank various drinks such as lemon and orange juices. It was a memorable day for all our family members.

I am hopeful that you have liked our today’s essay on a picnic party. Stay tuned for more English Essays.

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