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Casabianca Question Answers English Notes 10th Class Karachi Board BSEK


Casabianca Question Answers English Notes 10th Class Karachi Board BSEK

Casabianca is my favorite chapter in X Class English textbook. Matric class students can use these notes to study. Adamjee and Practical center also provide notes for Karachi board BSEK students.

Q. 1 Compose a brief note on Casabianca?

Ans. Casabianca was a young and take on soldier of his country. He was a born hero and has an extremely strong, composed as well as pleasant personality. Dutifulness and obedience were his making features and he boasted of defending his country.

Q. 2 What do you understand about a battlewagon from this rhyme?

Ans. As the rhyme was composed in the 19th century, in these days ships made from timber. There were various parts like the majority of, helm, pennon reasonable etc. They also used, cannon balls for devastation objectives.

Q. 3 Just how has the Felicia Dorothea Hemans been as compared to various other poets?

Felicia Dorothea Hemans has actually been compared to Henry Long Fellow and Couper. She had the exact same pathetic and also there is a fantastic interest for chivalry and heroism in her work like the various other poets.

Q. 4 What does the poetess mean by stating that “Lone Article of Death”?

The poetess is defining the fatality scene of Casabianca via the phrase. It means that when the fire was near to engulf him as well as his fatality time had arrived, than he was all alone on the battleship.

Q. 5 Why does the poetess call the Casabianca “A Gallant Child”?

Ans. The poetess calls the Casabianca “a gallant kid” because he stood like a rock, fairless of the fire, the enemy’s shelling as well as his anguish in the moments of fatality and threat. When his body blown into bites i.e. he was beat by the death, however actually his spirit was not subdued and also he continued to be as a take on as well as worthy soldier.

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