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Brand New Honda City 2017 Price in Pakistan With Review


honda city 2017 price in PakistanIntroduction

A lot of people cannot live without the car because it has become the luxury items in most of the people especially the rick ones. The change that comes in our lives due to the technology advancement has resulted in the change in our life style as well. For the upper middle class person, there are various choices to meet the satisfaction. As far as low priced cars are concerned like Suzuki Mehran 2017, it is just suitable for lower income earning population. But for the middle upper class, Honda City 2017 is the best choice. The City car was introduced in 1981 and since then various improvements were made that has snatched the customers from the competitors in the industry. The car is a luxury one and in this tutorial, we will especially cover its specs and Honda City 2017 Price in Pakistan. Read our latest Honda City 2018 Review and Price.

Honda City is the product of Japanese manufacturer Honda. This car was initially launched in the European, Japanese and Australian auto market. But later it was made available in other parts of the world especially India and Pakistan. The car got a fantastic consumer’s attention and within few years, it outclasses the market rivals. This response was a motivational factor for the manufacturer and which forces the Japanese engineers bring about new advanced technologies and awesome standards within the car system. It was also sold with other names such as Honda Fit Aria in various parts of the world. Honda City in Pakistan is regarded as one of the best premium brand of the car and is no doubt, the number one selling brand in the country as well.


Honda City was first introduced in 1981 for Japanese and European markets. Due to the marvelous response in these markets, manufacturer moved to other regions of the world to gain economies of scale and to leap tremendous profits. As far as the design and technology is concerned, big changes have been seen from 1981 to the present design of the car. The latest 2017 Honda Car includes major enhancement in the interior design and there has been so many changes outside such as headlight design. The seats are awesome and are very comfortable which truly describe this car as one of the best car in the same price range. The drive is very smooth and you won’t feel any jerk while driving on various roads of Pakistan such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar and Hyderabad etc. The car takes some long space to be parked, so when you are going to shop around in busy areas such as Saddar or Tariq road, make sure you park at the right place, otherwise your car may be get damaged due to traffic police car lifting activities.


The updates are very common in this Honda City car as every year little improvements are seen. That is why; this car is still capturing the auto sector in Pakistan. The car looks marvelous in white and silver colors on the roads and if you are car lover, then you will definitely love the Honda City 2017 model. The AC performance is awesome and it chills up the entire car within few minutes. So, in a summer season, you do not need to take tension as the AC is powerful one. Not just that the AC put no extra burden over the engine which keeps the engine cool even in the hot summer season. In order to better utilize this car’s performance, it is suggested that run this car on petrol and not on CNG because CNG puts a bad impact over the engine’s performance.


As far as the engine specs are concerned, it uses 04 cylinders with powerful 16 valve and SOHC i-VTEC technology. This means that the engine performs very well even in severe conditions. In order to keep the engine protected from frequent wear and tear, you are advised to use the high quality oils such as Caltex and Total manufactured oils. These oils are very thin and keep the engine fresh and lubricant every time it runs. This 1300 CC Honda City is the right solution for your family as it has plenty of space. The car also give an excellent mileage on petrol which is around 18 Km/liter.


City 2017 model comes in both Prosmatec and manual transmission. The price varies according to this and also depends in which city of Pakistan you live. Usually, car price is cheap in Karachi city because it is the main hub of the country. There is always an issue with Prosmatec model of City is that you cannot start the car when your battery has gotten discharged. This is one of the reason, people prefer manual transmission model which does not pose this risk. However, we were expecting some mixture of both transmission system in City 2017 model.


The steering is a power one which means that you can easily turn the car even on 360 degree with just a figure movement. This makes the car cutting as a funny thing. The car is also based on ABS system which is the most common features in today’s top selling cars.

Honda City 2017 Price in Pakistan

The price depends upon which version of the City car you are going to buy. We are sharing the prices of each version. Slight variation may happen while you go to buy the car. The price in Pakistani market differs according to the city. You will get different price in Karachi and different price in Lahore and Islamabad.

  • Honda City 2017 model i-VTEC PKR 1,510,000
  • Honda City Aspire 1.3 i-VTEC PKR 1,639,000
  • Honda City i-VTEC Prosmatec PKR 1,650,000
  • Honda City 2017 Aspire 1.5 i-VTEC PKR 1,659,000
  • Honda City Aspire 1.3 i-VTEC Prosmatec PKR 1,782,000
  • Honda City Aspire 1.5 i-VTEC Prosmatec PKR 1,802,000


City is available in even different colors, so it is your choice to buy the Honda City 2017 in Pakistan according to your personal likes. The car is available in white, crystal black pearl, urban titanium, modern steel metallic, ralley red, lunar silver metallic and sport blue metallic colors. But on the roads, white and silvers colors are seen frequently because these two colors are evergreen and have highest resale value as compared to the other colors. This is the thing which is universal for other car brands such as Suzuki and Toyota.

Parts Price

The parts of the Honda City is not that much expensive as compared to the other rival products. A car with worth of around 16 lacs, parts cost does not count as much. The only factor which affects the car marketability is the availability of the parts and as such there is no issues of finding the parts of this car. The Plaza and Star gate market in Karachi is full of this car’s spare parts.

In this article, we tried to cover the car city and also shared Honda City 2017 Price in Pakistan. We tried to explain engine performance and the colors availability and other issues in a layman style. If you are interested to know something else about this car, please do so using the comment section given below.

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