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Benefits of beet juice for athletes


benefits-of-beet-juice-for-atheletesToday, fitness is one of the hottest trends. Most of us want to do exercises of different types, in order to remain perfect but we don’t really care about the diet. Beet juice is becoming so popular these days, especially in the athletes. Beet root juice is also considered a performance enhancing drink. The beet juice is very delicious and will make you feel better for sure.

There are so many benefits of beet juice for athletes. A research was conducted in the UK to check the effects of beet-root juice to boost up the stamina of athletic performance. This study showed very promising results because the targeted group showed above the average results as compared to the group of men who were taking a placebo of black currant juice. Both the groups had to cycle on an exercise bike and the beet juice drinking group was more effective than the other group.

In this study 500 ml respective juices were given to the groups till 7 days. Then the second set of cycling test was conducted to check the before and after results. The results proved that the people who guzzle the Beetroot juice have more energy and they cycle for a longer time as compared to the other those had not drunk Beetroot juice. Another observation that came to know, the people who guzzle the Beetroot juice had lower resting blood pressure than those who had drunk black currant juices.

Another benefit of Beetroot juice for athletes is the presence of nitrate in Beetroot juice. The Nitrate of Beetroot juice has the ability to reduce the amount of oxygen burnt up by your body while exercising.

This juice also reduces blood pressure and that is significantly lowered within 24 hours of first consuming Beetroot juice, people with low blood pressure have the same results.

The best benefit of for athletes is that it converts into a gas and when digested, it has the ability to open as well as relaxed the vessels of blood in your body and ultimately results in keeping blood pressure down.

The Beetroot juice is also considered a high source of carbohydrates that is another benefit. Carbohydrates are necessary especially for athletes when they are preparing for an event. This research is not only for athletes but people with high blood pressure and hypertension as well as cardiovascular disease or stroke are also advised to use Beetroot juice in order to control such diseases.

A new study of European Journal of Applied Physiology suggested that Beetroot juice can cut 1.5% off your 5K time. Do you think it is enough of a performance boost to add beets to an individual’s grocery list?

In conclusion, the above mentioned are some best benefits of Beetroot juice for athletes. You are advised to not just count on Beetroot juice to help you hit your next PR. Moreover, you should work hard and carry on doing practice to become a better athlete.

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