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Alkaram Winter Collection 2017


main-alkaramAlkaram is the premium brand in Pakistan and it is actually the branded icon in the textile sector. The owners started the journey from Al-Karam textile factory 30 years back in 1986. Since then, the setup converted into number of companies called as Alkaram Group of Companies.There are several companies in the alkaram group which are:

  • Al-Karam Textile Mills (Private) Ltd
  • Sattar (Pvt) Limited
  • Igloo Ice Cream Pakistan Dairy Products (Pvt) Ltd
  • Amna Industries (Private) Limited
  • Pakistan Synthetics
  • Dabheji Salt Works Limited
  • Gul Agencies (Private) Limited
  • Imran Crown Corks (Private) Limited

Every year, this group introduces numerous designs and fashion into the market. As a result, people all over the world that have love for Pakistani dresses buy the products with zeal and zest. The unique thing about Alkaram winter collection 2017
is that the entire stock use high quality fabric which is manufactured by in house factory. So, you will not find the collection at any other rival entity’s outlet or shop.

Black Color Alkaram Winter Collection 2017

Black Color Alkaram Winter Collection 2017 – This dress is awesome and best for wearing in a normal party such as picnic, birthdays or get together.

Following are the dresses which is getting noticed over social media sites such as Face Book. You may be interested in these as well.

2 3 alkaram-winter-collection-2017-with-prices alkaram-winter-dress-collection-2016-2017-vol-01

Women who like simplicity and dashing in their personality, there is more for them in the winter collection. Plenty of catalog dresses encompass light color dresses with check like shapes over them. This is most suitable for women working in the offices and are at higher ranks in their organizations. Women working in multinational companies prefer these sort of color, design and textures. Lets look the other marvelous Alkaram winter collection 2017 dresses for the ladies all over the world. One might be for you!

There is much more for women who love vibrant colors such as blue, purple, sky blue, red, green and brown. Choose the right color for your personality and look differently with amazing designs from the makers of Alkram winter collections 2017, absolutely just for you.

Following are the dresses which are assuming to be the most attractive choice for the buyers throughout the country as reported by various shop owners and outlet runners. According to them, customers are taking enormous amount of interest in these dresses over the others.

Alkaram Winter Collection 2017

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