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9 Class Chemistry Notes Adamjee Coaching Center Introduction to Chemistry Chapter 1


9 Class Chemistry Notes for Chapter 1 – Introduction to Chemistry. This are the notes from Adamjee Coaching Center.


The branch of scientific research which deals with the make-up as well as residential properties of matter, adjustments in matter and the laws or principles which govern these changes is called Chemistry.


1. Physical Chemistry

It is the branch of chemistry that manages the regulation and the concepts controling the combination of atoms and particles in chemical reactions.

2. Not natural Chemistry

The study of all components and also their substances other than carbon is called not natural chemistry.
It is the branch of chemistry that handles chemistry of components and also their compounds, generally acquired from non-living organisms i.e. from minerals.

3. Organic Chemistry

The branch of chemistry in which we research the compounds of carbon is called organic chemistry.

4. Analytical Chemistry

It is the branch of chemistry that deals with the research study of the strategies as well as methods entailed to figure out the kind, high quality and also quantity of different elements in a given substance

5. Biochemistry

The research study of chemical substances present in living things is called biochemistry and biology.

6. Industrial Chemistry

The application of chemical knowledge in modern technology and also industry and also the preparation of commercial items are called commercial chemistry.

7. Nuclear Chemistry

It is the branch of chemistry that deals with the research of changes taking place in the centers of atoms, accompanied by the exhaust of invisible radiations.

8. Ecological Chemistry

It is the branch of chemistry that handles the research of the interaction of chemical products and their impact on the setting of pets and plants.

9. Polymeric Chemistry

It is the branch of chemistry that deals specially with the research of polymerization as well as the items obtained through the process of polymerization such as plastics, artificial fibers, paper and so on


Scientific research is not only an integrated expertise of physical and also organic phenomena yet also the technique where this expertise is gathered. The process of clinical explorations is a cyclic process.
In science the facts are gathered through monitorings and experiments and after that theories or law are deduced. The clinical approach consist of following four actions:

1. Monitoring
2. Inference
3. Prediction
4. Experiment

1. Observation

The monitorings are made by the 5 detects of male. Men made equipments are additionally used for making monitorings. For instance microscopic lense is used for observing min objects. Thermometer is made use of to measure temperature level. Sensitive balance is used to figure out the mass of a very light item. The ability of man made instruments is likewise restricted. But it could be boosted by enhancing technology. Thus much better as well as extra dependable details are offered to the researchers that produce far better outcome. Details acquired through mindful observations are called truths. These truths are structure of scientific knowledge.

2. Inference

The facts gathered with monitorings are thoroughly arranged and also effectively identified. Correlating the knowledge thus gotten with previous knowledge, we attempt to consider a tentative service to describe the observed sensation. The tentative remedy is called theory. The validity of this theory is tested through the outcomes acquired from experiments. The outcomes are reviewed by the researchers and also the hypothesis is accepted or rejected. The approved hypothesis then takes the type of theory. When repeatedly provides the exact same outcomes after trial and error as well as gives proper description of the clinical realities ends up being a legislation or principle, a concept.

A concept remains legitimate up until in contrast informations are provided on the basis of experimentation. Hence a hypothesis calls for speculative assistance. Avogadro’s hypothesis has been accepted as regulation without any type of experimental assistance.

3. Prediction

Truths, concepts as well as regulations which are reasoned from observation can aid in deducing more realities and also phenomenon. This procedure is called forecast.

4. Experiment

An experiment is an incorporated activity, which is performed under appropriate conditions with specially created tools to obtain the called for information. Such info is utilized to check the legitimacy of the theory. If a theory is shown proper. It raises the dependability of known realities. It stil can give info which can be utilized to reason various other results if it is confirmed incorrect.


Chemistry has actually played important function for well being of mankind through food, garments, shelter, medical therapy and chemical plant foods, crops protected by insecticides, refined food and production of man-made fiber. Manufacturing of cement, iron bricks, glass, paint etc are all due to chemistry.
The hazards of chemistry are so huge that no facet of human life has actually stayed unaffected. The smoke coming from smokeshafts of chemial industries as well as from cars pollute the air. It is very dangerous to breath because air. Waste water from sector, contaminate canals, rivers as well as has bad impact on land. Extreme chemical spray on plants additionally has negative effect.


Such aspects and substances having actually fee are called radicals. There are two types of radicals:
1. Negative radical
2. Positive radical

1. Adverse Radicals:
Such components and also compounds having negative fee are called unfavorable radicals.


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