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The Guddu Barrage – Chapter Summary – English 9 IX Class Notes

The Guddu Barrage – Chapter Summary – English 9 Class Notes is being shared with you in order to better understand the topic and get maximum marks in the exam. This is mostly asked in the exam, so be well prepared. IX Class student can take advantage of our notes freely.

The Guddu Barrage – Chapter Summary – English 9 Class Notes

There are two problems associated with Rivers. One issue is how to get water from the river all the year and second is how to control the water level to avoid flood. The answer to overcome these issues is Barrage. In simple terms, we can define Barrage as a some sort of wall constructed across the river which has several gates . The Guddu Barrage has been constructed over the famous Indus River. It is quite a long barrage and has a length of 1355 m. Through it, 1.2 million cusecs water flood passes from it. Due to its construction, the distance from Lahore and Quetta has reduced tremendously. Not just that, it has reduced the distance by 1/2th between Rahim Yar Khan and Kashmore. It is the main source of irrigation in Sindh and irrigates an area of around 2.7 million acres. It has 03 main feeder canals as well.

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