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Math Notes CBSE For Class 9

Math Notes CBSE For Class 9

Mathematics is an important subject in class IX in CBSE system. In order to improve your marks and get a good division, you need to study with good study notes like our. We have categorized our notes according to the chapters as follows.

Chapter # 1: Number system
Chapter # 2: Polynomials
Chapter # 3: Coordinate geometry
Chapter # 4: Linear equation in two variables
Chapter # 5: Introduction to Euclid’s geometry
Chapter # 6: Lines and angles
Chapter # 7: Triangles
Chapter # 8: Quadrilaterals
Chapter # 9: Areas of parallelograms and triangles
Chapter # 10: Circles
Chapter # 11: Constructions
Chapter # 12: Heros’s formula
Chapter # 13: Surface areas and volumes
Chapter # 14: Statistics
Chapter $ 15: Probability

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