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CBSE 9 Class Science Notes

CBSE 9 Class Science Notes

Central board of secondary education is the government owned institute for public and private schools in India. It controls education from IX class to XII (12th) Class. Students need study notes to prepare for their exams. That is why we are sharing IX class CBSE science notes which have been categorized chapter wise as follows:

Chapter # 1: Matter in our surroundings

Chapter # 2: Is matter around us is pure

Chapter # 3: Atoms and molecules

Chapter # 4: Structure of the atom

Chapter # 5: The fundamental unit of life

Chapter # 6: Tissues

Chapter # 7: Diversity in living organisms

Chapter # 8: Motion

Chapter # 9: Force and law of motion

Chapter # 10: Gravitation

Chapter # 11: Gravitation SA2

Chapter # 12: Work and energy

Chapter # 13: Why do we fall ill

Chapter # 14: Natural resources

Chapter # 15: Improvement in food resources

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