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Brand New Honda City 2017 Price in Pakistan With Review

honda city 2017 price in PakistanIntroduction

A lot of people cannot live without the car because it has become the luxury items in most of the people especially the rick ones. The change that comes in our lives due to the technology advancement has resulted in the change in our life style as well. For the upper middle class person, there are various choices to meet the satisfaction. As far as low priced cars are concerned like Suzuki Mehran 2017, it is just suitable for lower income earning population. But for the middle upper class, Honda City 2017 is the best choice. The City car was introduced in 1981 and since then various improvements were made that has snatched the customers from the competitors in the industry. The car is a luxury one and in this tutorial, we will especially cover its specs and Honda City 2017 Price in Pakistan. Read the rest of this entry »

Suzuki Mehran 2017 Price in Pakistan


Car has become the necessary item for most of the people. In the past, it was counted as a luxury item but time has changed and this resulted in the auto industry changing as well. As you know everyone has limited funds into his hand and in order to satisfy the demand, he or she has to utilize the funds in the best possible way. Rich people can afford millions of cars but for a low income earning person, the car price should be in the low level of the industry. Read the rest of this entry »

Suzuki Mehran 2016 Price in Pakistan


Suzuki Mehran 2016 Price in Pakistan: Mehran car is very famous in Pakistan and why it should not be. A major portion of Pakistani people is middle class, so they can only afford car which is within their pocket limit. Apart from other vehicles, Mehran cost you much less than and best of all, its petrol and CNG consumption is very good. Not just that, AC also works great. Read the rest of this entry »