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Application to Principal for Permission Visit to Pakistan Steel Mills 10 Class

Application to Principal for Permission Visit to Pakistan Steel Mills. This application is asked many times in 10 Class exams. We will be sharing further X Class applications for the benefit of student who can gain best marks. These applications are unique and can make your exam solution different from others. So, feel free to use this application.

The Principal,

X-Y-Z School, Karachi



Dear Sir/Madam

I am taking this opportunity to introduce myself as the student of 9 Class monitor. I am writing on behalf of the whole class X. Due to the increased demand of economic strength in our country, we are eager to visit one of the Pakistan’s big company Pakistan Steel Mills, Karachi. This trip could help us better understand the functioning of the mill and its benefit for the economic development of our country.

Not just that, we will be seeing heavy duty machines there and the way, employee of the mills manages its day to day operations. In order for your satisfaction, three top senior teachers from our school will be with us for our safety and look after. These teachers will also help us in getting valuable information which could be a vital difference for our school as well in the upcoming technical exhibition in Expo Center, Karachi at the end of this month.

In this regard, your kind permission and patronage is required for the school bus in order to travel to and from Steel Mill.

Thanking You,

Your’s sincerely,

Monitor of Class IX

10 November 2016

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